WWE Pulls UK Talents From Southside Wrestling's Final Ever Show

Despite previously approving the bookings, WWE pulls all contracted stars from Southside's farewell.

With Southside Wrestling due to close with a 9 Year Anniversary Show to say goodbye on October 26th, the promotion has been dealt a hammer blow as WWE has pulled several contracted wrestlers from that send-off show.

In a statement from Southside, it was confirmed that El Ligero, Joseph Conners, Kay Lee Ray, Ilja Dragunov, Xia Brookside, and Saxon Huxley have all been pulled by WWE – despite these bookings all previously being approved by Vince McMahon’s company.

You can find the full Southside Wrestling statement below.


This October 26th show was designed to be both an anniversary celebration and one final goodbye from Southside before the promotion merges with Revolution Pro. By all accounts, the event will still take place as advertised – just several Southside Wrestling favourites will unfortunately no longer be able to appear.


Southside’s Ben Auld revealed earlier this month that the promotion was closing its doors after they had decided to accept an offer from RevPro. All previously announced Southside show’s will now take place under the RevPro banner from November onwards.

Many fans are sad to see Southside Wrestling go, but they were at least hoping for one last all-star show as a way to go out with a bang. While the 9 Year Anniversary Show is sure to be a great night, this all looks extremely petty from WWE and is sure to leave a bad taste in the mouths of plentiful fans, wrestlers, and obviously Southside personnel.

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