WWE Quiz: Andre The Giant - How Much Do You Remember About The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

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Andre the Giant is a true legend of the wrestling business. The first man inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame, he was beloved by fans & fellow wrestlers alike and helped the WWF reach incredible heights throughout the 1980s.

His match against Hulk Hogan for the title at WrestleMania III, featuring the slam heard around the world, is truly iconic. It's still considered the biggest wrestling match of all time and tells a simple yet absolutely enthralling story.

Even the most casual wrestling fan knows who Andre was. A gentle giant who dwarfed opponents at over seven feet tall, the one-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion turned heads wherever he went and the stories about him are legendary.

Nevertheless, just how much do you remember about the Eighth Wonder of the World? Who did he last eliminate to win the battle royal at WrestleMania II? What weight was he billed at before the infamous WrestleMania III match against Hulk Hogan? How many beers did he allegedly drink in one night?!

Test yourself against our Andre the Giant quiz and find out...

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1. Andre Was Mentioned In The 1974 Guinness Book Of World Records As The Highest-Paid Wrestler In History At That Time, How Much Was He Paid In A Year?


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