WWE Quiz: Can You Guess The Royal Rumble Year From Just One Image?

WWE Royal Rumble quiz - We all love a good Rumble, but can you guess which is which?

royal rumble 2000

We're at that time of the year when just about everybody with even the slightest leaning towards wrestling gets excited. There's nothing quite like a good Royal Rumble. The anticipation, the predictions, the overall stakes... It's pretty much the most engaging pay per view on the calendar.

Therefore many of wrestling's most infamous, controversial, and memorable moments happened at this event, and not all of them during the Rumble match itself. As an entity, the pay per view , when booked properly, is positively loaded with treats, and serves as the ideal way to kick off the wrestling year.

The buzz surrounding the Royal Rumble 2021, the 34th Rumble pay per view in WWE history, (35th if you count Saudi Arabia's 'Greatest' Royal Rumble) is pretty epic. So what better time than now to look back to when live attendance was a thing, and test your memory skills?

Feast your eyes upon the following images and prove that your Royal Rumble knowledge is infallible! Yes, we are going to all the way back to 1988!

1. Can You Guess The Royal Rumble Year From Just One Image?


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