WWE Quiz: Can You Guess The Superstar From One Line Of Their Theme Music?

You can hear the tune in your head. But which WWE Superstar walks out to it?

Bobby Roode Glorious Domination

"Alexa, play songs by WWE on Spotify."

- "Playing songs by TLC."

Alexa can't always be relied upon to get it right, but more often than ever WWE are getting it right when it comes to partnering their wrestlers with great entrance music.

AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode are just some of the modern-day Superstars whose theme songs will have gone straight onto the playlists of WWE fans. And, unlike your car when Bayley's theme hits during a road trip with the lads, this is a safe space. Nobody here is going to judge you whether it's Carmella or Aleister Black's music you enjoy jamming to.

The only thing you will be judged on here is your knowledge of WWE entrance music lyrics, because at their best, a theme song will not only complement the character that it is introducing, but become synonymous with it, so much so that one line is all you need...

1. "I'll Make You Feel The Wrath Of My Ways."

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