WWE Quiz: Can You Guess These Wrestlers From Their Middle Names?

The Rock's parents really didn't believe in nominative determinism.

FELIX Middle Name Quiz Feat

If you give your son the name 'Dwayne', it's only right and proper that you make it up to them with a corker of a middle name. Something heroic, hard, or historic. Lex. Adonis. Brutus. Something of that ilk.

The poor Rock's parents instead decided to go with something equally hilarious, at least, in the context of his future career as Hollywood's go-to action guy and all round hunk. 'Dwayne Johnson' was already a tough sell on billboards to begin with.

We won't reveal the second of his incongruous given names here - that's sort of the point of the quiz - but we will ease his pain by letting on that he's in very good company amongst his wrestling brethren.

It seems that for just about every legend of the business you can name, they have a middle moniker completely at odds with everything they ever stood for in the ring.

Edward? Sergeant? Morgan? Lloyd? Technically perfectly acceptable names, but not the sort that you'd traditionally associate with burly wrestle folk, especially ones who claim to the be the 'Conqueror of Worlds'.

"Hi, I'm Lloyd: Conqueror of Worlds." Doesn't really have a ring to it, does it?

Answers at the end!

1. Felix

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