WWE Quiz: Can You Identify These Wrestlers From Their Debut Gimmicks?

Smart changes were made.


There are so many factors that go into a wrestler's successful journey to the top: the right look, attention-grabbing mic skills and, perhaps mostly importantly of all, a catchy name.

But of course, there are precious few A-list wrestlers who simply fell into their most popular and cherished characters. Before they hit it big, the vast majority of pro wrestling's top-line talent had to try out a wonky name or two which quickly faded into obscurity.

And so, as will be a relief to the wrestlers themselves, you probably won't know most of the debut monikers some of wrestling's most esteemed and iconic talents went by before finally "making it."

From the generic to the forgettable to the outright hilarious, had each wrestler kept these names for long, they most likely would've been destined for mediocre careers. But eventually, destiny intervened and lent them their far more catchy and memorable in-ring names.

For every wrestler slogging it out on the indies with an uninspired name, they're certainly proof perfect that nobody's above being reinvented...

Answers at the end!

1. Texas Red


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