WWE Quiz: Can You Name Every Current Champion?

It's surprisingly harder than you might think...

WWE Championships Quiz

Quickly, off the top of your head: how many active championships are currently in contention in WWE today? Six? Bang out. Ten? That's still far too conservative. How about 15? Unbelievably, no.

It's actually 18 (EIGHTEEN). That's right: the company promotes enough straps to share between every permanent member of the Four Horsemen, with two left over for, oh, let's say J.J. Dillon and Double D (that was Ric Flair's nurse, obviously).

There's an old saying in fashion that 'too many belts spoil the trousers'. Well, actually, there isn't, but there probably should be, because it'd certainly be applicable here. Arguably, WWE's collection of championship ceintures has about a dozen too many, though they are a necessary evil of the company expanding their empire across four different brands, each striving to offer something approaching legitimacy to their three standard divisions (men, women, tag team). Then there's the Cruiserweight and 24/7 titles to consider. It's accoutrement excess.

With so many pant-suspenders on the line at any time, it can be hard for even the most die-hard WWE fan to keep track of whose waist is home to which belt. The point of this quiz is less about proving your knowledge, and more a demonstration that WWE might need to clear their wardrobe.

See how you get on - and don't be too disappointed if you're rubbish. As ever, answers at the end...!

1. Universal Champion

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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