WWE Quiz: Can You Name These 30 Obscure Royal Rumble Entrants

The Hardest WWE Royal Rumble Quiz On The Internet - Can You Remember These Entrants?

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With the 2021 Royal Rumble now upon us, many wrestling fans are reflecting back on their all-time favourite Rumble moments and memories.

To so many, the Royal Rumble is the most anticipated PPV on the wrestling calendar, with those people preferring the Rumble to the glitz and glamour of WrestleMania, or the sizzle and spectacle of SummerSlam. With the Royal Rumble, there’s so many great unknowns on the table – and that’s what makes it a truly must-see event.

The Rumble match itself has housed so many shocks and surprises, such as Edge’s return in 2020 after nine years retired. But away from the shocking returns, debuts or monumental wins, the Royal Rumble match is one likewise famous for those blink-and-you’ll-miss-them appearances.

Over the decades, so many wrestlers have made ridiculously brief Rumble appearances, whether they’ve been an existing member of the WWE roster or maybe even a surprise face making a one-off outing.

How well do you remember some of the Royal Rumble’s more forgotten competitors, though? Here, there’s a Rumble quiz that even the toughest names in the business will be quaking in their boots at taking!

1. Who Is This?

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