WWE Quiz: Did You REALLY Pay Attention To SmackDown 1000 Last Night?

Everyone misses the details.


Well, they finally did it. SmackDown has officially aired for the thousandth time. We've seen a lot happen over the years, from Eddie Guerrero to Edge to Kurt Angle to Eddie Guerrero, that video package really showed off the brightest stars of the last pair of decades.

To celebrate WWE played ever ace in their hand... and turned The Big Show heel. Oh... oh god.

In seriousness, the night gave us the return of Rey Mysterio, the return of Evolution, and the return of making fun of Ric Flair's "wild times". Also, The Undertaker almost legendarily managed to craft a promo only around an eighth the length of his own entrance. Suffice to say, the week was crammed over on the blue brand.

With eyes coming from all over with this being such a historic night and with all of the Saudi controversy, surely there are at least a few who believed they not only paid attention to everything, but could answer a theoretical quiz about the show. Well, theory be damned, if you think you know it all, we only have a single request for you:

Prove it.

1. Which Controversial Moment Did NOT Appear For SmackDown 1000's Video Package?


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