WWE Quiz: How Closely Were You Watching WWE SummerSlam 2019?

Will this quiz be the biggest party pooper of the summer?

Kofi Kingston Randy Orton SummerSlam

The superstars of Raw and SmackDown came together under one roof for WWE’s biggest party of the summer as the 32nd-annual SummerSlam made its presence felt upon the WWE Universe.

A major event, no doubt, it was one that went down rather well with the WWE Universe as it saw ‘The Architect’ Seth Rollins finally overcome the odds to slay ‘The Beast’ known as Brock Lesnar and, in doing so, reclaim the coveted Universal Championship. Moreover, it also saw Bray Wyatt mark the beginning of a new chapter in his career as he unleashed his new Fiendish persona on the world (and Finn Bálor), while Ricochet went to pretty extreme lengths in his attempt to regain the United States Championship. If anything, it proved that he is WWE’s resident superhero after all.

To top it all off, the event also saw the in-ring returns of WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Goldberg - who sought to prove that they still had what to takes entertain the WWE Universe.

With all that in mind, just how closely were you watching the events that went down at SummerSlam? Can you recall who reigned supreme, or will this quiz be the summer's biggest party pooper? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. Where Did The Event Take Place?


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