WWE Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Kofi Kingston?

Take our quiz and find out!


Kofi Kingston is the self proclaimed 'old boy' of the New Day, but that doesn't stop him from being the one of the most athletically gifted superstars one the WWE roster. Along with the help of his partner Big E, Kingston was able to retain his titles against Rusev Day at Hell in a Cell, in a solid pre show match.

Kingston has firmly established himself as one of the best tag team wrestlers in the game at the moment, and this was further showed recently when he surpassed Billy Gunn for the longest cumulative days spent as a tag team champion. This not only shows how Kingston has managed to stay interesting and fresh, but it also shows how much WWE trusts Kingston, as he was often used to pair up with a wrestler who was lacking direction to revitalize them.

Despite being a predominantly tag team wrestler, Kofi is still very good in a singles environment. Kofi's potential as a singles competitor is always especially on display at the Royal Rumble's where his escapes always catch the eye.

He is a seasoned ten year veteran, but how well do you know Kofi Kingston? Will you breeze through this quiz, or will you come across 'Trouble in Paradise'?. Take this quiz to find out...

1. Which Superstar Did Kingston Make His Television Debut Against?


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