WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Remember ECW One Night Stand 2005?

16 years since ECW One Night Stand 2005 rocked the Hammerstein Ballroom, how much can you recall?

Blue World Order One Night Stand

It's hard to believe it's almost been 16 years since ECW One Night Stand 2005 rocked the Hammerstein Ballroom one summer night and brought us an incredible night of hardcore wrestling nostalgia, as a welcome break away from the drudgery of WWE.

Going into the show at the time, nobody quite knew what to expect from a WWE produced ECW reunion card. Would it be respectful to what we all grew up with and remembered? Our hope was high but perhaps our expectations were low with Vince McMahon ultimately footing the bill and having the final say on proceedings. But we really needn't have been worried. ECW One Night Stand 2005, as faithfully produced by Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman was an incredible, unforgettable night for professional wrestling that ever so briefly brought the Attitude Era vibe back for one night only.

But after all these years, how well do you remember the event itself? Can you remember exactly which WWE wrestlers were part of the Raw and SmackDown invaders on the night? Can you remember which ECW legends won and lost, and of course, which ECW legend actually TURNED DOWN the chance to appear on the show?

Put your hardcore nostalgic hat on and see how you get on with our hardest ECW One Night Stand 2005 quiz!

1. In What Month Did ECW One Night Stand 2005 Take Place?

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