WWE Quiz: Lita - How Much Do You Know About The Extreme Diva?

Will this quiz make you want to have a live sex celebration or punt a baby?!

We are just a few days away from the first-ever all-women WWE pay-per-view, Evolution. The highly-anticipated showcase of the female talent on the roster is emblematic of just how far WWE have come from the dark days of 'Divas'.

Nevertheless, alongside all the bra & panties matches and costume contests, they were some high points in women's wrestling prior to the revolution, most of which featured Trish Stratus and Lita.

They showcased female in-ring abilities years before the likes of Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks broke the glass ceiling, and have appropriately been rewarded with a tag match against Alexa Bliss & Mickie James on Sunday.

A four-time women's champion in WWE and inductee into the Hall of Fame in 2014, Lita was a trailblazer via her feuds with Trish and constant presence at the top of the card alongside Kane and Edge.

Just how much do you know about the extreme diva though? Can you remember who she faced in the first-ever women's steel cage match? Which is the only WrestleMania she wrestled at? Who interrupted her 'Live Sex Celebration' with Edge?!

Test yourself against our quiz and find out...

Answers at the end!

1. Who Inspired Lita To Become A Wrestler?


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