WWE Quiz: Which Wrestler Did It First - John Cena Or Edge?!

They've done all there is to do, but who got there first?!

Cena Edge SummerSlam

WWE is a land where stars come and go. Legends arrive and burn bright, only to eventually fade away. But, two names who have been a permanent fixture in the company since striking it big are that of The Champ John Cena and The Rated-R Superstar Edge. Even during Edge's long career hiatus and Cena's current semi-retirement, you can't think of wrestling without thinking of them.

Both Edge and Cena have done just about everything a wrestler could ever dream of. They've held world titles, main evented PPVs, won the Royal Rumble and plenty more. If there's something to be done, they've probably gone and done it, which is why they are both held in such high regard as legends of the business.

Their careers are also compared quite a lot, as the two made a name for themselves (at least as main event stars) around the same time, helping usher in the Ruthless Aggression Era as a top heel and top babyface of the company. Thanks to that, it's a little hard to remember which of them did it first.

Let's see how well you remember these bitter rivals.

1. Won The United States Title


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