WWE Quiz: Who Said It In 2020?

WWE dialogue in 2020 was sometimes meaningful, and sometimes not. But who said what?

Kevin Owens

An unsavoury mix of things made this a very strange year for WWE.

It wasn't WWE's fault that crowd attendance became null and void. It was, however, completely their fault that Retribution was invented, and so forth. 2020 has been about rolling with the punches, and that goes for pretty much everyone in every faculty. It's no understatement to say that WWE had their own way of dealing with the current issues.

For all of the ups and downs, we can't say that 2020 hasn't been memorable. In a year where empty arenas, Thunderdomes, cinematic matches and gouged eyeballs reigned supreme, viewers received a plentiful dose of wild, fun, and outright weird television. WWE talent continued to perform, work hard, and give it their all to keep the show running, at all costs.

In celebration, the following quotes are from those little pockets of WWE TV where jokes were made, friendships were broken, claims were stated, and the walls of reality well and truly collapsed. For all we know, John Cena is still trapped in the warp somewhere.

Good luck!

1. “It’s No Secret. This Team Was Put Together By Money, A Lot Of Money.”

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