WWE Quiz - Who Said It: Scott Steiner Or Sycho Sid?

Can you match the insane one-liner to the insane wrestler?


The weird and wonderful world of wrestling plays host to its fair share of, er, "eccentric" personalities, but few more so than "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and Sycho Sid Vicious.

Not only are both men renowned for their intimidating presence and veteran status in the industry, but also their penchant for word-salad promos which fans have been keenly repeating ever since.

Whether knowingly ridiculous or unintentionally unintelligible, Scott Steiner and Sid each have a glut of outrageous quotes to their name, enough that you'd be forgiven for confusing some of their choice phrases.

Just how well do you know Steiner and Sid? To smash 100% on this quiz and emerge flawlessly victorious, you'll need a strong grasp of their distinct personalities and a sharp recollection of some promos you probably haven't heard in quite some time.

If you do need a refresher course, though, there are countless YouTube montages devoted to their extensive promo "skills."

As ever the results are at the end, so good luck...

1. "Just Like At Hirojima, When Pearl Harbor Bombed The Germans!"


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