WWE Quiz: Who Said It? Vince McMahon Or Donald Trump?

The President vs. The Genetic Jackhammer, who've you got?


Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are two of the most powerful men in America. One oversees a major organisation full of larger-than-life characters, barely believable storylines, and some of the most atrocious acting seen on mainstream TV. The other runs WWE.

The two men have been close friends for a number of years though, with Vince's wife Linda recently working for the Trump administration as their Head of Small Business. They've supported each other through times of media scrutiny, provided financial backing to various endeavours of the other, and even brought that all to a head in a WrestleMania match of supreme banter.

But the two are closer than merely their business connections. They're also occasionally prone to coming out with some of the most outlandish, jaw-dropping sentiments about themselves, others, the world and, more often than I'm really OK telling you about, their own penises.

But do you, a mere maggot in the minds of two of the sharpest thinkers humanity has ever produced, have what it takes to tell them apart? Can you pore through decades of outrageous remarks and confidently say "yes, I know which billionaire's hairy whaloper this quote refers to!". Find out here.

Answers at the end!

1. "I Understand The Common Man Because I Understand Me."

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