WWE: Ranking Money In The Bank Cash-Ins

mb2010h Since its inception in 2005, the Money in the Bank has become one of the most prestigious accomplishments in WWE. The original concept for the match, suggested by Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam, was a Hollywood Dreams ladder match in which the winner would get have their dream come true. For example, if RVD had won, he would have brought back ECW. But as the concept evolved, the prize changed into a contract for a World title match that can be cashed in anywhere and anytime up to one year from winning it. The match quickly became a WrestleMania tradition until it spun-off into its own pay-per-view in 2010. Since its inception, twelve (technically thirteen) Mr. Money in the Banks have been crowned. As we wait for the most current recipient, Dolph Ziggler, to cash in, it seems like a good time to countdown the best of the Money in the Bank cash-ins. Note: I also took into account the title reigns and feuds following the cash-ins when making the list. Also, it is a subjective list.

11. Jack Swagger Jack Swagger won MITB at WrestleMania XXVI and tried to cash in the next night on Raw against WWE Champion John Cena. But SuperCena recovered too quickly from Swagger's ambush and Swagger cancelled the cash in. The next night at the SmackDown tapings, he successfully cashed in against Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight Championship after Edge had attacked the champ. The All-American American's Money in the Bank cash-in is on the bottom of the list for one major reason. It is completely forgettable. I often forget that he was ever a World Champion even though he held the title for nearly three months before dropping it to Rey Mysterio. It didn't help that WWE stopped pushing Swagger after his championship reign and dropped him back to the midcard.
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