WWE Raw Rating Drops This Week For Draft Episode

Audience down ~2.35% from last week's figure.

Seth Rollins miffed

Despite hosting the second part of WWE's utterly thrilling draft, the viewership for this week's episode of Raw drew an average of 2.279 million, down from last week's figure of 2.334 million. (Source: Showbuzz Daily)

The 2.35% drop continues a recent pattern of decline, which has seen viewership fall each of the past two weeks since 30 September's big 'Season Premiere' episode.

In the show's defence, it was up against stiff competition from the NFL, with Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers drawing an average of 13 million viewers.

The Major League Baseball playoffs, meanwhile, attracted around 3,652,000 watchers.

As ever, Raw's viewership tapered off going into the third hour, dropping from 2.521 million in hour one to 1.997 million in hour three.

Ordinarily, the overall dip might have been expected, with the show following a post-PPV fallout edition (last Monday's effort came off the back of Hell in a Cell - though given the lack of reference to its diabolical main event, you wouldn't have guessed). However, WWE execs will have been hoping their big superstar draft would have drawn more interest - even after the first part played before crickets this past Friday on SmackDown.

In addition to Stephanie McMahon monotonously reading a list of names from behind a table, Raw also saw Seth Rollins burn the Firefly Funhouse down in the show's closing segment. It received vociferous jeers.

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Editorial Team
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