WWE Raw Rating Falls To 3rd Worst In History

Big Show =/= big viewership.

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This week's WWE Raw viewership declined by approximately 10% to produce the joint third-worst total in the brand's history.

The 29 June episode attracted an average of just 1.74 million viewers across its three hours, coming dangerously close to the record low of 1.686 million set back in May. Here's how the numbers break down:-

Hour one: 1.86 million viewers


Hour two: 1.75 million viewers

Hour three: 1.59 million viewers


As far as the key 18-49 demographic goes, Raw slid to a 0.49 rating - the second-lowest in the show's history. This is a decline of 8% on the previous week but a 24% drop for the same week last year.

Raw's 18-49 figure saw it finish fourth in the night's rankings, though the show was first amongst males aged 18-49 and 12-34. That the show's quarter-hour figures are yet to be released makes it impossible to determine the episode's biggest viewership winners and losers.


Recent weeks had seen WWE's former flagship show experience slight ratings increases on the bag of appearances from the likes of Big Show, Ric Flair, Edge, and Christian. Show and Flair were both on this week's episode but failed to stop the rot.

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