WWE Raw Results 30/7/12 - John Cena vs Big Show, Randy Orton Returns

Last night's WWE Raw SuperShow results from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Last night's WWE Raw SuperShow results from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fans are still pouring into the arena as the show begins to air because of a fire that took place in the arena earlier. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler then introduce footage of the RAW set catching fire after a pyro glitch! Cole begins the show with a video package look back at last week's Raw 1,000th. The video runs for 5 minutes (well they do have 3 hours to fill every week now!) before WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way to the ring with a good reaction. Punk says he had a RAW moment that was bigger than most people's WrestleMania moments last week. He needs to explain why he did that to The Rock. He says when Raw went off the air last week he had a bad taste left in his mouth. He quotes Lawler's quote; "CM Punk has turned his back on the WWE Universe". Punk goes to ringside and sits the WWE Title on the announcers table and sits crossed legged on top of it, in front of Lawler. Punk says he is used to bad commentary but asks how Lawler jumped to such a bad conclusion. He says if anything, Lawler turned his back on Punk because last time he checked, The Rock wasn't the WWE Universe. Punk calls Rock extremely charismatic but a deranged movie star. He says Rock disrespected him because he acted like The Rock was invisible. Punk says Rock is lucky he didn't get hurt right there and then but he will show him what kind of man he is at the Royal Rumble. Punk says this isn't ballet, this is the WWE and he's the champion. Punk brings up how Rocky has been quiet for the past week. Punk accuses Lawler of having an agenda and spinning it. Punk says he ended Raw 1,000th like every episode should end - with the spotlight on the WWE Champion and "The Best in the World". Big Show's music hits and out comes the giant. Punk says Show must have come to steal his spotlight too. Show says the end of Raw 1,000th was actually all about him. He is the one who cost John Cena the WWE Title, failing in his attempt to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Show says he knocked Cena out and Punk still couldn't beat him. Show says Punk would have tapped in the STF and lost his belt if it wasn't for his interference. Shows vows to become the next WWE Champion, which brings boos from the crowd and Punk just laughs at him. John Cena's music hits and out he comes running to the ring. Cena unloads on Big Show as Punk just watches. Show manages to roll out of the ring whilst Cena stares at him and Punk just leans against the ropes watching, shaking his head. Justin Roberts introduces AJ Lee and out comes the new General Manager of RAW. She announces that tonight's main event will be John Cena vs The Big Show with the winner facing CM Punk at WWE SummerSlam. (WWE logic - cause a DQ in a title match and then you get the opportunity to become the number 1 contender). 1) Alberto Del Rio defeated WWE United States Champion Santino Marella with the cross armbreaker for the submission in a non-title match. Post-match, Del Rio stands over Santino and says he just destroyed the US Champion like it was nothing. He says Santino is beneath him and so is Sheamus and all his fans. Del Rio says that from now on he won't compete unless it is for the World Heavyweight Title, meaning he wont be wrestling until SummerSlam. Back from a commercial and Brodus Clay is in the ring with his dancers. Vickie Guerrero comes out running her mouth and tells them to step aside as she dances to some old school hip-hop music. Damien Sandow interrupts them and says it was a horrible crime against humanity last week when DX beat him up on Raw 1,000th. Sandow then beats down Clay, taking out his knees and ripping out his necklash. He poses as he music hits and Cole plays up the fact that Sandow just snapped on Clay. Daniel Bryan walks into AJ's office and he asks her if she is insane for embarrassing him and leaving him at the altar last week. She tells him to shup up, she is not his bride to be anymore... but instead his boss. AJ says she saw some groomsmen who looked like they were from a mental hospital. She wonders if he was marrying her just to have her legally committed. She has booked a match tonight for Bryan... he will face Sheamus. Bryan asks if it is for the World Title and she chants NO in Bryan's face and walks off. Cole and Lawler then tell fans to go on Twitter and vote for what kind of match they want to see Sheamus vs Bryan in tonight - a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere or Street Fight. Josh Matthews catches up with Sheamus backstage and says that he likes how AJ put the match stipulation in the hands of the fans. Sheamus asks Matthews if he is alright and he has been acting a bit off. Matthews looks confused as Sheamus tells him to just relax and take it easy before walking off. 2) World Champion Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan in a non-title Street Fight when Sheamus laid Bryan out at the top of the steps with a Brogue Kick for the pinfall. Street Fight won the polling with 73% of the vote. Daniel Bryan came out before the match and demanded that the fans stop chanting YES. He is the only one allowed to chant it. Post-match, Bryan throws a fit after losing and is surrounded by referees. He's yelling that he won't leave until he gets to see a doctor. Finally one comes down to help him as out comes WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Kofi tells Bryan to do everyone a favour and just leave. Truth says they have business to take care of. Bryan introduces himself to Little Jimmy and then kicks the little guy out of the ring. Truth runs out to check on him but Bryan ridicules him for consoling an invisible child. Bryan's guys in white suits come out and they are here to take R-Truth away for being crazy. AJ Lee comes out and says Truth isn't the one who needs help, Bryan is. She calls him mentally unstable and in the interest of a safe working environment, she orders him to have a psychiatric evaluation. AJ has Bryan escorted out of the arena by the guys in white suits. It is announced that Vince McMahon will be on SmackDown to name a new General Manager. 3) Titus O'Neil defeated WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston when AW interfered allowing O'Neil to hit the big slam for the pinfall. John Cena is backstage with CM Punk. Punk says Cena is mad because he did to The Rock in one night that he couldn't do in a whole year. Punk tells Cena to get over it. Heath Slater is in the ring as we look back at the Legends segment at Raw 1000. Slater says finally they have all gone back to their retirement home so he can get his career back on track. He challenges any WWE superstar to come out here and out comes Randy Orton for his return. 4) Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater with the RKO for the quick win. Daniel Bryan is backstage talking to the doctor and he says his neck hurts. The doctor asks Bryan if he answers all questions with "Yes". Bryan interrupts and just goes on a wild "Yes" chanting spree. 5) Christian & Chris Jericho defeated WWE IC Champion The Miz & Dolph Ziggler when Y2J blocked the Skull Crushing Finale and turned it into a Codebreaker for the victory. We are backstage again with Daniel Bryan and the psychiatrist. They are looking at pictures and one of them has him made to look like a goat face. Bryan says he is the only one that is about to be the greatest of all-time. Bryan asks if Charlie Sheen put the doctor up to this. Bryan says if Sheen is watching, then he is the one winning, not Sheen. 6) Tensai defeated Tyson Kidd with a big slam and a backsplash... clean. So much for Kidd's push. After the match Tensai picks Kidd up and gives him a pair of big clotheslines. He then drops some elbows and the referee tells him to back off. Tensai then dropped Kidd with a big backbreaker as Sakamoto looks on from the corner. The referee then inexplicably reverses his decision and gives Kidd the win by DQ. As if they couldn't make Kidd look more a geek, he has now won because he was beat up so much after being defeated! Bryan is backstage with the doctor who says he has a weird obsession with Charlie Sheen but his conclusion is that he is indeed 100% sane. He tells Bryan that he is free to go but then a red light comes on and it's Kane. He says he is Bryan's anger management therapist. He slams Bryan into the walls and leaves him there lying. 7) John Cena vs The Big Show goes to a no-contest when WWE Champion CM Punk interfered, leaving no number 1 contender. General manager AJ Lee comes out and says the WWE SummerSlam Title match will be John Cena vs CM Punk vs Big Show for the WWE Title. RAW goes off the air with CM Punk demanding more respect from AJ.
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