WWE RAW Season Premiere Spoiler: MAJOR Storyline Payoff Tonight?

Will the long-awaited conclusion of one of 2020's biggest angles feature?


WWE Raw's 'Season Premiere' may tonight finally reveal that Mustafa Ali was indeed the SmackDown hacker earlier this year.

The news was broken by Fightful Select, who noted that early editions of the evening's script included the new Retribution leader cutting a promo confirming that he was behind the strange angle that very briefly dominated proceedings on the blue brand earlier this year.

Morphing from a figure of fun to significant storyline device, the hacker at first caused glitches to the picture quality, before revealing that they'd stationed cameras all over the buildings to capture superstars unaware. This all came to a head shortly before WrestleMania when, from an unknown location in front of a series of monitors, the hacker revealed converstations between Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler designed to ruin Mandy Rose's relationship with Otis.


The gimmick was seemingly dropped shortly after the 'Show Of Shows', but attention moved back to it following Ali's heel turn two weeks ago. He'd been long rumoured to be the one behind the role, in an act of revenge for all the poor treatment he'd received on SmackDown, with the Retribution position echoing those same beats.

Plans are always subject to change, but this would at very least tie up a major loose end from the last several months, and add a bit of weight to Retribution as a longer term idea rather than the hotshot moment it first appeared as.


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