WWE Raw Star Set To Take "Edgier" Direction

The creative team on WWE Raw believes this wrestler needs a little edge to him.

Shinsuke Nakamura Tommaso Ciampa

It looks like WWE plans to take Shinsuke Nakamura's character in an "edgier" direction over the next few months.

Better Wrestling Experience got the rumour mill buzzing by suggesting that Nakamura would become "edgier" starting on Monday's episode of Raw. Come the flagship, Shin lost to Bronson Reed by disqualification, then hammered Tommaso Ciampa post-match.


Later, Naka said he was sick and tired of everybody sticking their nose into his business.

It's believed WWE creative will keep pounding this trail in coming weeks, but there's no word yet on whether or not it'll eventually lead to a heel turn for the Japanese star; this is also the latest bid to recapture some of his old fire.


Previously, WWE ran vignettes hyping Shinsuke up as the 'King Of Strong Style' on SmackDown. That was seemingly a bid to give him more of a dangerous vibe again, but it didn't really lead to anything. Could the same thing happen to him now he's on Raw?

Fingers crossed everything works out well, because a motivated Nakamura is definitely somebody Triple H would want on his Monday night roster for the rest of 2023.


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