WWE Raw To Move From Monday Nights Following Netflix Deal?

Could WWE's deal with Netflix see Raw move from Monday nights?

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With it today having been announced that WWE will air on Netflix from January 2025, many have pondered whether WWE's main programming could be moved to alternative nights.

As part of this agreement, Netflix will become the exclusive US home to WWE Raw at the start of next year, whilst Netflix will host Raw, SmackDown, Premium Live Events, and more for international audiences.

Of course, Raw has aired on Monday nights since the show premiered on 11 January 1993. With the impending switch to Netflix meaning that significant changes to WWE broadcasts could be possible, an appearance today on The Pat McAfee Show saw WWE President Khan address the possibility of moving Raw to another day of the week.


Via WrestlingHeadlines.com, Khan noted how "at this moment in time it remains Monday Night Raw", but did mention how there's still ten-and-a-half-months until "the deal is up and running". Kahn also pointed out Raw's strong ratings up against some stiff competition in recent weeks, but did add how "if we stays on Monday, it'll work. If we move to a different day, we think it'll work too."

Basically, Raw is staying on Mondays for now, but nothing is being ruled out in the future.

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