WWE Raw Viewership Nosedives For Seth Rollins Vs. Adam Cole

This week's show suffered a huge hour-to-hour decline.

Seth Rollins Adam Cole

This week's WWE Raw continued Survivor Series' NXT vs. the world build with all kinds of interactions between black-and-gold stars and those who've made Monday nights their home, including a big main event in which Seth Rollins challenged for Adam Cole's NXT Championship.

Following on from Cole's blockbuster SmackDown collision with Daniel Bryan, it was a fun little contest until hordes of wrestlers piled in on the action, resulting in an inconclusive finish. Unfortunately, a big chunk of Raw's viewership didn't stick around to watch this go down.

Per Showbuzz Daily, this week's average Raw number was up to 2.14 million viewers from last week's 2.13 million, though the show experience a massive hour-to-hour dropoff, going from 2.36 million in hour one, to 2.21 million in the second, and just 1.85 million in the third.


That's one of the lowest third-hour totals the show has ever seen and while dropoffs like this happen every week, they're rarely as sharp.

Not a great sign for the NXT storyline heading into Survivor Series, as exciting as it has been, though it'd be short-sighted to throw the blame solely at Cole and Rollins.

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