WWE Raw Wrestler To Be Repackaged - AGAIN

Things just aren't working for this WWE Raw star - and changes are on the way.

Karrion Kross silhouette

WWE look set to make some further changes to Karrion Kross' televised character.

This is according to WrestleVotes, who reported on Monday that WWE plans on presenting the former NXT Champion as a "calm and cool psycho" going forward. The promotion will also be tweaking his entrance, with new music and a fresh walkout seemingly in the works.

For now, the much-maligned helmet will be staying.


Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this is that there are currently no plans for Kross to reunite with Scarlett. The duo were abruptly split when Karrion moved from NXT to Raw this summer, despite Scarlett playing a critical role in her real-life fiancée's overall presentation, and while Kross recently suggested that his (former?) manager would be returning to television soon, it doesn't look like she'll be by the big man's side.

Kross has struggled to get over since debuting with a sub-two-minute loss to Jeff Hardy on Raw's 19 July episode. He has since developed a winning record between the ropes, though his character remains underdeveloped- and his main roster aesthetics lack the bombast they had in NXT. He last wrestled on Raw on 27 September, defeating Jaxson Ryker.

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