WWE Rebrand Luke Harper And Eric Rowan As 'The Bludgeon Brothers'

Bludgeon Brothers set to debut on SmackDown.


Luke Harper and Eric Rowan appeared in a pre-recorded vignette on this week's SmackDown Live, repackaged as "The Bludgeon Brothers".

The former Bray Wyatt heavies have been left without much to do on Tuesday nights following their acrimonious split with the Eater of Worlds earlier this year.

Many fans have long suggested that they ought to reunite in a two-piece tag team, and they appear to have at last got their wish.


The vignette saw Harper and Rowan sporting slightly different attire, carrying over-sized hammers and introducing themselves - after confirming they are fully insane - as the Bludgeon Brothers.

Little is known, outside of the corridors of WWE power, what is in store for the duo, but - with Halloween on the horizon - we can probably expect them to make their in-ring bow sooner rather than later.


It's probably also fair to assume that Harper - as the more accomplished of the two - will assume the role of mouth-piece (although both men spoke at equal length in their opening promo).

After the abject main roster misuse of tag teams like The Ascension and American Alpha, though, perhaps we should hold fire on anointing them the next Brothers of Destruction.

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