WWE Refusing To Release Sin Cara

The luchador wants out... but WON'T be getting his wish.

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Wantaway luchador Sin Cara requested his WWE release yesterday, penning a heartfelt statement in which he claimed he didn't feel valued as an athlete or talent.

Unfortunately for the masked man, it looks like WWE won't be granting his wish.

A new report from PWInsider states that the promotion will retain Cara rather than letting him go. He will continue on WWE's ongoing European tour before being sent home when the promotion returns to the United States, and won't be used for next week's Raw in Boston, Massachusetts. He has three years left on his current deal.


March 2019 saw the former Hunico deny rumours that he had signed a new contract with the promotion, shooting the talk down on via Twitter.

Sin Cara hasn't enjoyed a significant WWE push in years. He recently returned to television to feud with Andrade after an eleven-month spell on the sidelines, going 0-3 against 'El Idolo' in their series of two singles bouts and one mixed tag. This week's Raw in Manchester, England saw him flattened by Drew McIntyre in just a few minutes.


WWE's decision to turn Cara's release request down is in line with recent practices, as the company have done the same with Luke Harper and The Revival in 2019.

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