WWE Release Backstage Interviewer Dasha Fuentes

The announcer is "off on new adventures"...

Dasha Fuentes

Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that WWE backstage interviewer and personality Dasha Fuentes has been released from contract this week.

Fuentes was apparently informed of the decision after WrestleMania 35. She was in the New York area for personal appearances and for 'Mania itself, but her last televised appearance happened on the go-home episode of Raw before the biggest show of the year.

When she landed in the 'Big Apple' for WrestleMania festivities, Fuentes mainly worked the anti-bullying rally at Brooklyn's Navy Yard Boys & Girls Club on Monday afternoon.

Dasha became the counterpoint to Raw's Charly Caruso on SmackDown after the WWE Draft back in 2016. Before that, she had worked as a backstage announcer and ring announcer for NXT. Now, according to posts on her personal Instagram page, Fuentes is excited to be on vacation in the Dominican Republic and says she'll soon be "off on new adventures".

It's interesting to note that her official WWE.com profile is no longer on the website. That suggests she has indeed been released. It's also worth mentioning that she's recently been replaced on Tuesday nights by the blonde-haired Sarah Schreiber.

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