WWE Release Luke Harper

Former Bludgeon Brother follows Sin Cara out of company.

Luke Harper

WWE have released Luke Harper.

The company posted a short statement on their official website, confirming Harper - real name Jonathan Huber's - release, alongside Sin Cara and Konnor & Viktor of the Ascension.

On 16 April this year, Huber requested his departure from WWE, but it was turned down. Though his contract was originally set to expire in November, it was reported that the promotion had extended it by six months due to the time he spent on the shelf nursing injuries.

Signed by WWE in 2012, the former Brodie Lee was immediately sent to FCW, where he was repackaged as Bray Wyatt's cult follower Luke Harper. The Wyatt Family, as they were known, made their main roster bow in 2013, where they memorably clashed with The Shield, before the group went their separate ways in 2014.

Harper struggled to make any major impact as a singles star, and found himself back alongside Bray and fellow follower Erick Rowan within the year. After the Family's second breakdown, Harper rekindled his partnership with Rowan in 2017, as the crimson-clad, hammer-wielding Bludgeon Brothers. A torn bicep suffered by the latter put the tandem on indefinite hiatus.

After spending time out himself with a wrist injury, Harper returned to action over WrestleMania weekend - for a match at Axxess, of all places. It was shortly after this low-key return that he voiced his frustrations with the company on Twitter, and requested he be moved on.

As a consequence, Huber spent several months in exile, though he returned to action over the summer. At Hell in a Cell, he and Rowan were defeated by Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

His last televised match for the outfit came as part of Crown Jewel's battle royal.

Throughout his time in the company, Huber won the Intercontinental Championship, and two SmackDown tag team titles, alongside Bray Wyatt, and as part of a Freebird threesome with Randy Orton and regular partner Rowan.

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