WWE Release NXT Star Solomon Crowe

After two years, WWE's resident hacker is gone.

Solomon Crowe asked for and was granted his release from World Wrestling Entertainment on Monday, according to PWInsider. Crowe signed with WWE in 2013 and appeared only on the NXT brand, but he didn't make it to the main roster. He was never really put into a featured feud on NXT, so it's easy to see why he wanted out. His character in WWE was that of a hacker that was able to seize control of arena lights and the video screen just by using a tablet. It didn't end up developing much further than that.

Crowe is about 5'10" and 200 pounds so he was one of the smallest guys in WWE. Since he's not that much of a flyer, he really wasn't able to get over in WWE as much as he should have. Prior to signing with WWE, Crowe was known as Sami Callihan on the independent wrestling scene. When he signed with WWE a few years ago, it was considered a big deal because he had a lot of success in the indies and it came at a time when WWE was bringing in a lot of other top indy talents. Now he'll get back to the indies with the experience of being in WWE. Since Crowe is 28 years old, he may be back in WWE one day. There have been several guys that have left and come back, so that could be a possibility for him as well.


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