WWE Releases Austin Aries

'A Double' allowed to leave the company.

Raw Austin Aries

Most WWE 'future endeavours' you can see coming a mile or two off, but this one was somewhat unexpected, to say the least. In the past 24 hours, WWE posted a statement on their website noting that 205 Live headliner Austin Aries had "come to terms with the company," with the cruiserweight star being granted immediate release.

It's something of a surprise given Aries prominent and successful role in his recent feud with Neville, and the generally lofty reputation he holds within the business. However, it seems the decision was mostly made by Aries himself. According to PWTorch, the prime-time player of the purple brand was not happy with his designated role separated from the main roster, considering him a step above post-SmackDown duties. The Wrestling Observer confirmed Aries requested the released himself, which WWE were only too happy to allow.

The company are rarely prepared to kowtow to a performer's demands, and if rumours of Aries' backstage attitude problems are to be believed, one can see why they wouldn't hesitate to give the performer his leave.

Aries' satisfaction with the outcome was evident as soon as news broke. The former TNA and ROH star took to Twitter to note that it was "a beautiful day." Despite apparently taking time off from WWE recently to nurse neck and leg injuries, Aries is expected to take independent dates presently. Watch this space for more.

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