WWE Renamed THIS Wrestler On The Latest SmackDown

Out with the old (name) and in with the new (name) on Friday's WWE SmackDown.

The Viking Raiders Valhalla Erik Ivar

WWE's creative team decided to officially rename Sarah Logan on the latest episode of SmackDown.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that the company had filed a trademark application for "Valhalla". That, most reasoned, would play a role in The Viking Raiders' tag-team run going forwards - those suspicions were correct, but "Valhalla" isn't just something Erik and Ivar are crowing about in promos.

No, it's Sarah's new ring name.


Michael Cole and Wade Barrett referred to Logan exclusively as Valhalla. In fairness, and to anyone who thinks this is a bit cheesy, the punchy viking-themed moniker does fit The Raiders' package better than Sarah Logan did.

That was a bit...bland, and always felt too grounded in reality for a fantasy-based gimmick. Now, as Valhalla, Logan finally has her own identity to get stuck into. It remains to be seen whether or not she'll become a key part of the women's division in matches though.


Valhalla might've been brought back to manage The Viking Raiders without doing much wrestling herself. If that's the case, then WWE should work overtime to keep the trio as strong as possible on TV.


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