WWE Reportedly Edits Raw Segment To Delete "Wrestling" Reference

Some fans are worried by behind-the-scenes reports coming out of WWE Raw.

Vince McMahon

The Wrestling Observer claims WWE changed a pre-taped promo segment on Monday's episode of Raw due to use of the word "wrestling".

According to Dave Meltzer's sources, the promotion decided to re-shoot the skit in question. There's no word on exactly which workers were involved in the situation, or who was responsible for the change - Meltzer, however, speculated that this could be a sure sign one Vince McMahon is pulling strings creatively again.


McMahon previously banned use of terms like "wrestler" and "wrestling" on TV. He much preferred in-house words like, "sports entertainer" and "sports entertainment" to help differentiate WWE's product from the wider pro wrestling world.

Some fans on social media have pointed out that The Observer's story doesn't match up with events that happened elsewhere on the same broadcast. Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns freely used terms like, "pro wrestlers" later on Raw, but they might've been exempt from edicts due to their status as main-eventers.


This is all very curious, but re-shooting segments for the use of "wrestling" doesn't exactly sound out of character for Vince.

Stay tuned for more on this story.

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