WWE Reschedules Backlash 2019 For Late-June

The show is back on the calendar...

Backlash Cancelled

It was only reported yesterday that WWE had shelved plans for Backlash on 16 June, but Dave Meltzer and his merry band of news-hungry reporters over at Wrestling Observer Radio were on the case to provide an update on the pay-per-view's fate today.

Long story short, it's back on, albeit with a date change.

As WWE will apparently head to Saudi Arabia for another controversial excursion in the Middle East on 7 June, Backlash has been pushed back to 23 June. To those wondering why the date remains so close to...whatever WWE have planned in Saudi, it's because the company don't like the idea of running major events on consecutive weekends but fancy a week's break between them.


Now, Backlash will occur two weeks after the Middle Eastern special, giving it some breathing space. As a knock-on effect of this shift, house shows in Denver and Salt Lake the same week have been moved, and the original date in San Diego on 16 June had been turned from pay-per-view to live event.

The good news for hardcores is that WWE won't be eliminating a supershow date on 2019's calendar. The bad news for San Diego is that Tacoma, Washington will be getting Backlash instead.

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