WWE Returnee "Wasn't Crazy' About New Entrance Music

This WWE star understands why fans don't like his brand new theme song.

Carlito WWE

Recent WWE returnee Carlito has admitted that he "wasn't crazy" about the company's decision to slap some new entrance music on him at Fastlane.

The veteran told The Ringer Wrestling's 'Cheap Heat' show that he understands why fans turned their noses up at the brand new track on WWE's latest PLE. It's... different to what people expected, and that's something Carlito plans to work on.


Despite those early struggles, Carlito believes fans will let it "grow on" them over time. He's certainly hoping that happens with him too, because he who spits apples in the faces of people who don't want to be cool knows how important a killer theme is for setting the stage for a match/segment.

Carlito explained that WWE higher-ups were keen to "put a fresh coat of paint" on his act after so many years away from the product. He's down with that thinking, but wishes he could've been more hands-on with the chosen track.


It sounds like WWE's production team will continue to tweak that new music over the next few weeks. Carlito is being lined up for a match vs. Bobby Lashley on TV anyway, so maybe the tune will sound different by the time that happens.

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