WWE Reveal Riddle's WrestleMania 37 US Title Challenger On Raw?

Riddle could defend his United States Title against this WWE star at WrestleMania 37.

Sheamus Riddle

Sheamus will likely challenge Riddle for the United States Title at WrestleMania 37.

WWE booked a backstage confrontation between the pair on this week's Raw. It opened with Riddle asking Sheamus some asinine questions, and ended with the Irishman ramming the champ's scooter into his ribs. That was pro wrestling speak for, "I'm coming for your belt".

The match hasn't been made official yet, but fans should expect an announcement imminently. Of course, some on social media believe that WWE could be setting up a TV bout for Raw next week - 'Mania is only a few weeks ago though, so it's much more realistic to expect that the company will hold off until Tampa.


Sheamus lost back-to-back matches to Drew McIntyre (at Fastlane) and Bobby Lashley (in Raw's opener) before shooting the segment. Winning the US Title, or putting Riddle over to help establish him, could be his next step.

There's no way that skit was a one-off.


Would you like to see Sheamus challenge Riddle for the United States Title at 'Mania? Or, do you think that's a step in the wrong direction for both men?

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