WWE Reveals Exactly When Matt Riddle Will Debut On SmackDown

Blue brand 'Bro'.


WWE revealed on this week's episode of SmackDown that incoming ex-NXT man Matt Riddle will debut on the blue brand next week.

Riddle didn't get a lot of fanfare on Friday's show, but the company did announce that he's SmackDown bound on the very next episode. As suspected, he won't be bringing hype man Kurt Angle with him - this vignette was all 'Bro'. WWE might be missing a trick there.

Angle could've been Matt's 'Bro-lympic Hero'.


Seriously, Riddle's arrival will give SmackDown's roster a much-needed injection of fresh talent. Just think of the matches Riddle can have with new Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles, beaten finalist Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak, Sheamus, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler and everyone else posted on Friday nights.

Riddle would make a fine first challenger for AJ. That'd give him instant recognition as a major player on SmackDown, and it's the kind of lip-smacking prospect that'd promise more of the fine wrestling Styles and Bryan showcased this week.


Next week's SmackDown will be taped on Monday, so news should leak soon about exactly what WWE has planned for their new mover and shaker.

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