WWE Reveals REAL Subscriber Count For The Network

Just how many subs does WWE Network have in July 2020?

WWE Network Vince McMahon

WWE revealed exactly how many domestic and international subscribers the Network has during their Q2 2020 earnings report this week.

The end-of-quarter figure for paid subscribers sat at 1.690 million. That, for reference, is up 6% from the same period last year. However, average paid subscriber numbers for the entire quarter generally went down 1.6% from 2019's 1.688 million to 1.660 million in 2020.

When broken down further, the company said they currently have 1.229 million subscribers in the United States and a further 461,000 subs across all other international markets. As always, Vince McMahon said they're striving to grow that number by continuing to offer superb value (which there has never been any doubt WWE's Network is).


The Wrestling Observer did also share news that WWE has cancelled plans to offer tiered subscription packages for the Network soon. Dave Meltzer added that McMahon is prone to changing his mind, so nobody should take that as gospel just yet.

There's still a chance that the Vin-man will edge back towards tiers at some point. Failing that, Meltzer guesses WWE will eventually raise the asking price for the Network anyway.

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