WWE Reveals The Usos Next Challengers On SmackDown

The Usos will face THIS tag-team for the Undisputed belts on next week's WWE SmackDown.

Sheamus Butch Ridge Holland Brawling Brutes

Butch and Ridge Holland won a Fatal-4-Way match to become brand new number one contenders for The Usos' Undisputed Tag-Team belts on this week's WWE SmackDown.

The 'Brawling Brutes' beat Imperium, New Day and Hit Row in Friday's bumper main event, then celebrated with leader Sheamus in-ring. This is just the latest chapter in the group's turn from scrappy heels to valiant babyfaces; that started with Sheamus' critically-acclaimed performance opposite Gunther on Clash At The Castle.

So, is winning some tag gold the faction's next logical step? No, probably not. Triple H is unlikely to stick the belts on Butch and Holland quite yet. They're temporary challengers at best, and maybe only got the nod because of a foot injury to Erik of The Viking Raiders.


Hit Row seemed like the most popular choice to win that Fatal-4-Way and earn themselves a comeback shot at the division's top prizes. Top Dolla' and Ashante 'Thee' Adonis will have to wait for that particular moment though.

WWE has already revealed that Butch/Ridge vs. The Usos will take place on next week's episode of SmackDown. Here's hoping for another fun match.

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