WWE Roster Becoming Discontent At Freedom Given To NXT Talent

WWE Divas are particularly annoyed at opportunities given to NXT Divas.

WWE's main roster is growing discontent with the freedom given to NXT wrestlers, according to Bryan Alvarez on The Bryan And Vinny Show. An inside source told Alvarez that the WWE Divas are particularly frustrated at the freedom NXT Divas are getting to perform big spots and long matches. The agitation in the main roster is that they are being booked as performers, whereas the NXT crew are being booked as wrestlers. If you are on Raw or Smackdown, the emphasis tends to be on entertaining in nothing matches. Only main eventers tend to get to go all out, and even then it is mainly on pay per view shows. NXT in contrast is all about wrestling. Talent get to put on proper matches, with a focus on athleticism. Big spots are normal, even on the weekly TV show. The WWE Divas are particularly aggravated when they see NXT women presented as co-main events and getting ample time to develop matches. That's the opposite to Raw, when Diva matches are booked in death spots and struggle to last longer than two minutes. However, it is a double edged sword. The main roster workers make a lot more money than the NXT crew. However, the main roster love wrestling just as much as the NXT guys. They want the same opportunities to put proper wrestling matches on. The main roster isn't mad at NXT performers, but mad at the unequal management. It is depressingly obvious that NXT is operating at a different quality level to Raw and Smackdown. This issue is only going to get more aggravated, as NXT's popularity continues to boom on WWE Network. The main roster have a valid qualm, but it should also be noted that many of the NXT girls are simply better workers than the main Divas. Charlotte and Sasha Banks could run rings round many of the Raw Divas. As for the NXT men, there's no doubt that they get way more freedom in NXT. A guy like Adrian Neville simply wouldn't be allowed to perform the same style on Monday Night Raw. Right now, NXT is the wrestling show, with Raw and Smackdown being the entertainment shows.
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