WWE Royal Rumble 2019: 10 Last-Minute Rumours You Need To Know

Owens In? Cena Out? HBK Shaking It All About?

Rumble LMR

As sure as night follows day, nothing quite whips the internet into such a frenzy of speculation like WWE's annual Big Bad Banter Bash, the Royal Rumble.

Since the match was first conceived WWE have stuffed it with shock, surprises, stuns and special guests, to not only pad out the match to the required 30 entrants, but also keep the audience guessing throughout its duration. Where its Big 4 PPV brothers and sisters often underdeliver on the WOW moments, the Rumble is normally, for better or worse, choc-full of them.

Mercifully for those of us who make our living off the Content, this year has been no exception. The 4 main title matches at this year's show of shows are all still up in the air, and a number of returns have been tantalisingly close for months. There's potentially a lot they can do at this year's event, even if the the winner of the men's Rumble (usually the biggest talking point going in) is the one thing that looks like being a done deal.

You know the drill by now though. We've scoured the rest of the interweb to bring you all the big rumours doing the rounds ahead of the show. The good, the bad, the frankly ludicrous, they're all here and they're all delicious, so let's tuck in.

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