WWE Royal Rumble 2019: 10 Things That Must Happen

10. The SmackDown Tag Goes On The Kickoff Show

The Bar Shane McMahon The Miz

Before digging in here, it's important to point out that WWE have announced both the Cruiserweight Title Fatal-4-Way and the United States Title match for Sunday's Kickoff show. That was predictable, being honest, and (again, being honest) they should scrap those plans right now in favour of another match.

This guy's suggestion would be putting the Cruiser match on the main card and replacing it with the SmackDown Tag Title effort. Why? Well, the 205 Live lot deserve some main card pay-per-view minutes, and this ongoing friendship story with The Miz and Shane McMahon is one of SmackDown's biggest storylines.

Therefore, it'd shine a light of importance on the pre-show that's otherwise missing.

The lure of seeing if Shane and Miz can beat The Bar to become Tag-Team Champs would give people a reason to tune in to the hype-package overload. These days, when most bothering to watch the Kickoff are watching the main show anyway, there's no need to make the thing so throwaway.


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