WWE Royal Rumble 2020: 10 Surprise Entrants We Could See

The Royal Rumble just isn't the same without a big surprise or ten...

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One of the most anticipated events on WWE's annual calendar, the Royal Rumble, is now less than two weeks away, meaning the internet is already ablaze with speculation regarding who might show up on 26 January.

Surprise entrants have been a huge part of the Rumble's appeal for decades. 2019 wasn't a banner year in that regard, with only Jeff Jarrett and clusters of unexpected NXT wrestlers filling the men and women's quotas, so fingers crossed WWE have something bigger planned for 2020. They have to, right? The possibilities are too exciting.

A December 2019 report suggested that this year's Rumble would comprise of 10 wrestlers each from Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, but where's the fun in that? For the love of the match's inherent intrigue, we're going to assume its nonsense. It has to be nonsense.

This list will encompass both the men and women's Rumbles rather than just one or the other. Note the title, too: "could see," not "will see." Much of this is speculative, though the powers of deduction come into play as well.

With all that in mind, let's run through these potentially crowd-popping Rumble surprises...

10. Goldberg

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Lord knows how many more appearances the 53-year-old has left in the tank, but last year's report that WWE wanted to keep using Goldberg as a sporadic "bad*ss old man" character who shows up only when somebody needs to get the piss kicked out of them means he could show up on 26 January.

That Goldberg still looks like he could batter most living people to within an inch of their life makes him credible in most in-ring scenarios. In the Rumble, all he'd have to do is show up, hit a spear and a Jackhammer, get the building buzzing, and potentially set something up for later down the line - if he's so inclined.

Said "later down the line" option could be Matt Riddle, a frequent critic of Goldberg's throughout 2019. The duo got into it face-to-face a few months ago and the sheer weirdness of seeing these two confront each other in the Rumble is an enticing prospect. Bridge this into a victory over the former WCW squash merchant, and WWE would have a solid way to introduce 'The Original Bro' to main roster audiences.

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