WWE Rumour: SmackDown Invasion This Week?

Revenge on their mind?

The Shield

WWE Raw Superstars Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are set to mount an invasion of this week's SmackDown Live, according to PWInsider.

As per PWI's Mike Johnson, The Shield will appear on the show to help build towards a planned six-man tag match against The New Day at Survivor Series, which takes place on Sunday (November 19th). Reigns has been absent from television since contracting an illness prior to October's TLC pay-per-view, but will return on this week's Raw.

The feud kicked off last week, when The New Day stormed Raw during Rollins and Ambrose's Tag Team Title defence against The Bar. The ensuing confusion cost The Shield the gold, and while the reunited trio are still to truly retaliate, it looks like they'll get revenge this week.


WWE have reportedly held back on the red brand invading SmackDown to keep their blue counterparts strong, and also because they wanted Reigns to lead the charge. There's no word on whether or not The Shield will be joined by other Raw roster members, but the speculation suggests Roman has made a full recovery from his illness, and the reunion angle will continue as planned.

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