WWE Said "No" To This Women's Division Feud

Vince McMahon gave a definitive "no" when this WWE rivalry was pitched.

AJ Lee Summer Rae

Former WWE star AJ Lee once pitched a full-blown feud with Summer Rae, but Vince McMahon was having none of it.

Summer told Golden Ring Collectibles on Facebook that Lee, who was Divas Champion at the time, wanted to try and give Rae a leg-up on the roster by proving herself in-ring. The pair had worked together on 'C' shows like Superstars and Main Event, but fancied showing what they could do with matches on Raw, SmackDown and (eventually) pay-per-view.

McMahon was the one who nixed it immediately. In fact, he barely even entertained AJ's pitch before shutting it down and saying they were going in a different direction. Apparently, Summer wasn't viewed as somebody who could work lengthy stories around the Divas belt.


So much for that.

Rae revealed that Lee enjoyed working with her because of the size difference. AJ planned to show off some of her "lucha and high-flying stuff" during those bouts, but wouldn't get the chance due to Vince definitively saying "no".


According to Summer, Lee "asked a lot of people" besides McMahon. All of them came back with the same answer. The boss had spoken, and his word was final anyway.


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