WWE Said No To THIS Planned Extreme Rules 2022 Finish

Triple H knocked back one wrestler's pitch for a grand finish at Extreme Rules.

Ronda Rousey Alexa Bliss

Ronda Rousey wanted to use thumbtacks as part of the finish for her SmackDown Women's Title bout with ex-champ Liv Morgan at WWE's recent Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

The new champion told viewers on Twitch/YouTube that Triple H wouldn't budge when she suggested tweaking the bout's conclusion to include tacks. "They" (presumably Trips and other WWE higher-ups) said a firm no to that idea, and 'The Game' didn't even fancy some of Ronda's alternatives.

She suggested "tiny maple leaf pins" and "a punch of screws to [Liv's] side" as well. All of those pitches fell on deaf ears though, and management told Rousey that tacks are now a thing of the past in WWE circles - their very words were, "Legally, we can’t purposefully injure people and cut their skin".


Ronda was disappointed by that, because she figured it'd be a sweet visual if Morgan bumped her onto the thumbtacks but passed out in an arm bar submission. Then, she thought, both women would look tough and the finish would be super-dramatic.

In other words, Rousey wanted to make up for SummerSlam, but Triple H said no.


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