WWE Scrap Brock Lesnar's "Indefinite Suspension" On SmackDown

Adam Pearce's "indefinite WWE suspension" of Brock Lesnar on SmackDown? So much for that.

Kayla Braxton Paul Heyman

WWE decided to scrap the ongoing storyline suspension of Brock Lesnar on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The company ran a show-long tease that culminated in Kayla Braxton announcing that Brock's ban had been lifted - the backstage announcer got word via her earpiece that Lesnar would be returning to SmackDown on next week's episode following the night's Battle Royal main event.

Adam Pearce, the authority figure who had previously banished Brock, predictably looked like he'd seen a ghost upon hearing the news. Earlier, Pearce had told Braxton that he had no clue when Lesnar would return. In another heel moment (these are becoming more frequent), Adam then said that Brock shouldn't be allowed back any time soon due to his behaviour.


So much for that.

WWE gave Lesnar a kayfabe "indefinite suspension" on the 22 October edition of blue brand telly. He was also reportedly fined $1 million for putting his hands on Pearce and generally wrecking shop. Just over one month later, the 'Beast' is set to return.


Previous reports had claimed that Brock would launch a comeback in mid-December. WWE has pushed that return date forwards.

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