WWE Scrapped This Classic Gimmick Because It Was Getting TOO Over

Vince McMahon worried that this fun-loving gimmick was ruining his WWE heat.

Pat Patterson Gerald Brisco
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WWE Hall Of Famer and all-round wrestling legend Gerald Brisco has told Wrestling Inc why the company scrapped his popular 'Stooges' gimmick with old pal Pat Patterson during the 'Attitude' days.

According to Brisco, it was Vince McMahon's call.

The boss was concerned that Gerald and Pat were "too over" with the audience as comedy relief, and he didn't want those laughs to encroach on serious feuds opposite Steve Austin and The Rock. So, the WWE chief made the call to stop spotlighting his 'Stooges' on TV, and that was that.


Brisco recalled seeing countless signs for he and Patterson every week on Raw during the interview. Even he couldn't believe how over the gimmick was, especially when the promotion featured stars like Austin, Rocky, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and others alongside it.

McMahon thought his mates were getting over as babyfaces, and wanted to distance them from him so they wouldn't ruin any of his heat as a heel. Gerald thinks that was the right call, but he was sad that the run came to an end when it did.


At least he got to wrestle on pay-per-view in lingerie, eh?

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