WWE Secret Hacker's Identity Might Not Be Who You Think...

It looks like some serious Consequences could be heading our way.

WWE Hacker Glitch SmackDown

Twitter user GIFSkull may have just stumbled upon the identity of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX's mysterious hacker. Based on their evidence it could in fact be The New Day's Xavier Woods.

Over the last few months, numerous 'glitches' have appeared on the blue show in the middle of various matches, entrances and backstage segments. Then, on April 4's edition of SmackDown, a hooded figure shed some light on the ongoing Otis/Mandy Rose saga and was revealed to be the person behind the glitches.

This past week on SmackDown, the figure again appeared. However, this time they broadcasted a series of clips which showcased several SmackDown Tag Teams, before stating that 'Some keep their friends close. Others keep their enemies closer.'


Now, GIFSkull has adjusted the audio speed and pitch of a video uploaded on the recently repurposed TheMessageWWE Twitter account and the results sound an awful lot like the aforementioned Woods.

On top of this, if you type the GPS coordinates on that particular Twitter account in on Google, you're sent to an abandoned lot in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.


Woods was known as Consequences Creed in TNA.

Does this mean that sidelined Woods may be about to re-announce himself in a very big way in the coming months? Could this even lead to an eventual singles run and the breaking up of The New Day? Perhaps.


One thing seems certain, however, Consequences are definitely heading to Friday Night SmackDown in the near future.

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